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How Nice, We Get a dA Link To Viruses Now ? Edited
EDIT: The account virus sender has been deactivated! Still better be careful in future with stuff like this!
Apparently whenever you get a comment like: "Don't steal my work! The original is right here -> [link]" That's an external link to an infected executable application... Not a deviation link. So you people be aware by this. Spread this news for the safety of your friends as well! Also the author of it is on dA as well ready to get his ass busted into dust. :faint:

Some little tips, thanks to paws4thot :)

If you "hover" your mouse pointer over a link, what the link actually goes to should appear in fullin the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Ok, this one isn't disguised, but that's to let you see that what actually appears is what I posted.…

In this case, do not click on anything that ends with ".bat" (executable batch file, which will run code) or ".exe" (actual compiled program).
For English language, XP and later go to
Control Panel ->Appearance and Personalisation -> Folder Options -> View tab.

Now you can see a radio button for "Hidden Files and Folders", and check boxes for "Hide file extensions for known file types" and ""Hide protected operating system files". By default these are set to hide operating system stuff, and "known file extensions". One of the easiest ways to deliver malware is to give the file a name like "Salma Hayek naked.jpg.bat" which, with those options set, will appear to be a jpeg to anyone who doesn't follow my original advice about the hover, but is actually a batch file that will copy $myvirus.exe into one of your system folders and then run it.
I know systems developers who admit, that, if they didn't know what I've just posted, could be caught like that!

Please Help Me?

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From :iconsirmauser:

Questions to answer
1) Who was your first watcher ?
2) What's your magnum opus ?
3) Do you have some people who always comment on/fave your art ?
4) How long have you been drawing ?
5) Favorite thing to draw ?
6) Best fandom ?
7) An artist that inspires you ? Why ?
8) Your first OC ? Have you revisited/redesigned them ?
9) Worst regret ?
10) Do you have a BFF on here ?
11) Someone whose art you ALWAYS love seeing ?
12) Last one, is your experience on here what you had hoped ? If not, what do you think you'll do to pursue your ideal crowd/following on here ?


1) :iconshaymin303:, 5 months or so after I created my account

2) Eh, what...?

3) I guess so, yes.

4) A few years after my birth I guess.

5) Tanks I guess... although I wish I could draw other things in order to please all my other watchers who aren't watching me for them but for something else instead... ^^;

6) None in particular.

7) :iconsailorpokeyuna: because her art has a particular charm which I see by her art only and not by the others' art.

8) Lily, I think, although it was at the same time as Fuyuki. But she has been completly scrapped since now years.

9) To have added a few persons from dA too quickly on Skype, resulting then in a painful weight on the shoulders for some time.

10) (assuming that it's the "Best Friends Forever" meaning) :iconsailorpokeyuna:

11) :iconsailorpokeyuna:, I'm over 9000% sure

12) I suppose that my experience here is what I had hoped.

I tag : whoever wants to do it.
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