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From :iconsirmauser:

Questions to answer
1) Who was your first watcher ?
2) What's your magnum opus ?
3) Do you have some people who always comment on/fave your art ?
4) How long have you been drawing ?
5) Favorite thing to draw ?
6) Best fandom ?
7) An artist that inspires you ? Why ?
8) Your first OC ? Have you revisited/redesigned them ?
9) Worst regret ?
10) Do you have a BFF on here ?
11) Someone whose art you ALWAYS love seeing ?
12) Last one, is your experience on here what you had hoped ? If not, what do you think you'll do to pursue your ideal crowd/following on here ?


1) :iconshaymin303:, 5 months or so after I created my account

2) Eh, what...?

3) I guess so, yes.

4) A few years after my birth I guess.

5) Tanks I guess... although I wish I could draw other things in order to please all my other watchers who aren't watching me for them but for something else instead... ^^;

6) None in particular.

7) :iconsailorpokeyuna: because her art has a particular charm which I see by her art only and not by the others' art.

8) Lily, I think, although it was at the same time as Fuyuki. But she has been completly scrapped since now years.

9) To have added a few persons from dA too quickly on Skype, resulting then in a painful weight on the shoulders for some time.

10) (assuming that it's the "Best Friends Forever" meaning) :iconsailorpokeyuna:

11) :iconsailorpokeyuna:, I'm over 9000% sure

12) I suppose that my experience here is what I had hoped.

I tag : whoever wants to do it.
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I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year as well ! May happiness, pleasure, care and luck be by all of you, no matter what time it is now, no matter the weather, and no matter where you live~

:hug: :tighthug: :D
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