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Laptop died - Need helpHello,
As the title says, my laptop that I have everything in has died and cannot be fixed as it's the motherboard that died, so I can't get it back.
The harddisk can be saved if I can get it to another laptop though. 
The problem is....I don't have enough money.
It's a very selfish request and I feel sorry for asking for this, but if you can, please donate here: or check out my commission menu here: 
I should be able to finish commissions in a timely manner from my dad's laptop, but of course I can't use it as my own.
I really want to continue drawing art for you guys as soon as possible, but I can't make it come true by myself. I'm ashamed to ask for this, but thank you for reading, if you got here.
I'd appreciate if this gets shared, if you can't help, it's really helpful!
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March 2


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