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Emergency Commissions!!My grandmother is going into surgery today to remove pieces of her lungs due to cancer.  I'm not able to be there as I'm all the way over here in California while she's in Indiana.  My mom has obviously been the rock in this situation and has been taking trips back and forth to the hospital while all of this has been going on and the best I can do is to help her along the way with gas and other things she may need soooo...
I'm opening up for commissions!!!  Anyone interested please let me know!  If any of you are able to pay in advance for said commissions it would be even better as I can get money to her faster.  (Hell if she had paypal I'd have you just send the money to her instead!)
Thanks again for all the help you guys have been.  It's really appreciated.  Even if you can't help, spread the word and I'll be more than happy to work with any of your friends or family!  Thank you as always. :hug: I'm trying to stay upbeat and positive that the
SMeadows Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!
Erwin0859 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017
No need to thank me, you're most welcome~ :huggle: :tighthug:
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